Business Integrity

As the world’s work marketplace, we must be accountable to our global community. This means acting with integrity in everything we do, building the checks and balances that keep us honest, and operating with transparency.

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Our Areas of Impact

Designing our systems for trust, safety, and security

Upwork follows cutting-edge security and privacy best practices designed to provide a secure, reliable, and compliant work marketplace for businesses of all sizes.

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Ensuring ethical business practices

Our business is built on the commitment to always do the right thing—a responsibility that starts with our board of directors and extends to every team member. Upwork has a robust set of corporate codes, policies, and guidelines in place to promote integrity, transparency, and ethical business practices.

Engaging on public policy

Upwork’s public policy and government relations program is focused on maximizing opportunities for freelancers and creating a more equitable future of work. On behalf of the global freelance community, we advocate for policies and regulations that unlock opportunities for independent talent to build their businesses how they want, anywhere in the world.

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