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We design mobile applications with user engagement in mind. We help you monitor usage and tailer feature development and refinement in ways to maximize your investments. Our process is as follows (with average time needed from project stakeholders): 1) Introductions and discussion of challenges: 15-20 min 2) Proposal: 30 min 3) Discovery. We meet with the project stakeholders and refinement of scope: 1-2 hours for basic projects. 4) Document Review: 30 to 90 min. 5) Rough design and functionality review: 30-90 min 6) Project iteration (often biweekly meet ups with weekly review builds): 15 - 30 min 7) Testing and Deployment cycles with projected times outlined. This may adjust depending on how much of this work you have done ahead of time, but we find that all these steps are needed to have a successful project and a clear understanding of what to expect. We design the entire process so that at any point in this process you can take what you have from that last (and often current) stage and hand it to another developer or even bring it in house. Additionally, if you are a brand new company, ask us about branding and imaging. What we feel needs to be included in any projects. 1) Analytics 2) Bug tracking 3) Monetization 4) Code backup and repository 5) Testing suits for interface and code 6) Continuous testing and integration. 7) Documentation

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Mobile Development

Mobile application development for hand held devices and PDAs.


  1. Back-End Development
  2. iOS Development
  3. iPhone & iPad Apps
  4. Mobile App Design
  5. Firebase
  6. Firebase Cloud Firestore
  7. Mobile App Development
  8. iPhone UI Design
  9. Front-End Development
  10. Android App Development
  11. Mobile App Development Consultation
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