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🔵 Meta Business Partner | 🟣 Meta Certified Specialists Hi! I'm Danil, CEO of For the last 5 years, we've had a strong focus on eCommerce and worked with more than 60 different niches in this industry. For this time, we helped many businesses from more than 20 countries to find new customers with Facebook and Tik Tok ads through the unique combination of classic advertising copywriting, marketing analytics, and excellent knowledge of how the network works. This approach helps us to set up profitable campaigns, easily scale them and manage projects with a $100 000 - $200 000 average monthly budget. 🔥 WHY DO WE DO THIS? Business has been my passion since childhood. So in school, I decided to study marketing and everything connected. 5 years ago, I created my first digital agency, which is the key that allows me to work with many different businesses at the same time. Growing up different projects, increasing revenue, building new strategies and approaches is what I love and what inspires me. That's why I found people dedicated to digital marketing with the same values as mine and helping entrepreneurs raise their profits. 🔥 SO WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE OUR TEAM? Many buyers know how to set up campaigns and what buttons in the ads manager they should press. Some rare buyers know how to write good advertising copy. However, few high-level experts can combine one with the other. Reinforce this with deep analytics knowledge. Build a strong advertising funnel that will generate a stable flow of leads and revenue 🔥 THIS IS THE WAY WE WORK This is the reason why businesses have long-term cooperation with us! We all have gone into business to make money. Me too, so we are on the same side =) Also, I know how to bring them into your business! If you need proof, you can check out some of our case studies on the website But we also understand that nobody would give us those budgets I’ve written above without high investments return. If you understand this too... 🔥 WE ARE HAPPY TO WORK WITH CLIENTS WHO ARE READY TO EXPAND THEIR OPPORTUNITIES AND EXPLORE NEW MARKETS So, if you want to increase your revenue and are interested in cooperation, write me in DM or schedule the first call on our website: At this meeting, we will discuss how to help your business grow up faster.

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Digital Marketing

Growing E-Commerce businesses by getting a minimum 300% ROMI using Facebook and Tik Tok Ads | Our customer's budget range varies from $30k to $200k per month | Experience in more than 60 niches.

Lead Generation & Telemarketing


  1. Internet Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Paid Social
  4. Facebook Ads Manager
  5. Lead Generation
  6. PPC Campaign Setup & Management
  7. Campaign Setup
  8. Media Buying
  9. Facebook Advertising
  10. Ecommerce Manager
  11. Facebook Marketing
  12. Social Media Ad Campaign
  13. Social Media Advertising
  14. Marketing Strategy
  15. Advertising

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