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Aoinys is a small company which specializes on Healthcare solutions, founded by people with more than 10-years experience, who are tired of an endless bureaucracy of enterprises and outdated and stereotypical attitudes of its bosses towards work and relations with people and towards life as a whole, which are only hamper the development of human potential and appearing of really innovational ideas. We are not going to colorfully describe great results of high quality you'll get working with us, we will show them to you. The most important thing for us is how the project we are working on will affect the lives of our clients and their patients after it has been developed Because quality matters. Our technology stack: Methodologies: Scrum Kanban Languages: - JavaScript - Typescript - C# Technologies/Frameworks: - Web API/RESTful services - Angular - React - Win Service - WPF - TypeScript - AZURE - ASP.NET - ASP.NET MVC - .NET Core 2.0 - Node js Databases/Tools/Products: - MS Sql Server - Firebird - MongoDB - MySQL - SQL - NoSQL - Entity Framework - Nhibernate - ADO.NET/Dapper Build/Install tools: - GIT - Nand - MsBuild - Wix - VS Code - Firebug - SVN - Mercurial - Robomongo - CC.NET - Jenkins - Teamcity

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  1. AngularJS
  2. React Native
  3. Node.js
  4. React
  5. C#

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