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I've been developing games, applications and other software solutions since 2012, and have a strong network of freelancers I work with. This agency strives for excellence and 100% client satisfaction. We understand both long-term and short-term goals, we can handle production planning but can also stick to a plan, if one is provided. Time permitting, we engineer robust solutions that can handle the test of time (modularity, upgradability, sustainability). Of course, we also develop fast and dirty when the situation demands it; ie. specific unforseen deadlines. We have experience working both with technical and non-technical people, so you can expect us to tune conversations and reports, based on who's at the other side. We take pride in our craft, and we're good at it. You can see the specific skills on our members' individual profiles, but we cover a range of disciplines (design, development, production, research) for a wide range of fields (games, applications, software solutions, academic) and for any type of business model (b2c, b2b, b2b2c). Have an awesome idea or a project that's underway? Send us a message. Maybe we can help make it a reality. You can view some of our work under the Portfolio section of our member's profiles.

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Game Development

We handle everything from our end - design, development, production done in-house, art assets are outsourced.


  1. MySQL Programming
  2. Algorithm Development
  3. PHP
  4. Unity
  5. Computer Science
  6. Front-End Development
  7. Computer Graphics
  8. WebGL
  9. Network Engineering
  10. Scientific Research
  11. Microsoft Kinect Development
  12. C#
  13. Game Development

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