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In 2019, We helped 18 Clients from UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Austrilia to fullfill around 30 purchasing/sourcing/contract manufacturing project. We are proud to offer e-commerce owner and general trading company with diversified Amazon top selling products, flexible custmized design/OEM/ODM service, Tailored logistic service to business or Amazon warehouse on time and exclusively optimized Supply Chain; all A to Z service. We wish we will have chance to corporate with you soon! **Service Includes: Product Design & Engineering/CONTRACT MANUFACTURING Offering comprehensive set of engineering capabilities from minor design changes to complete product development. From upfront concept consultations to ensure that you make the right decisions before investing in the product, to final manufacturing. Project Management After Design process, till Successfully Bringing New Products to Market Whether you have a conceptual idea for a product that you need help turning into a reality, Or you know exactly what you want and just need drawings and files that you can send for manufacturing or prototyping, I'm the one you want working on your project. Quality Control Management Including Product Inspection and Supplier Audit/ Factory Audit For Product QC, I can offer Pre-Production Inspection, Incoming material inspection, Production Process control, Pre-shipment and container loading inspection. For Supplier and Factory, I can offer Qualification Audit, Factory Audit, Social and Environment Audit. ISO 9001 and TS 16949. Interpretation/ business translation and negotiation / Sourcing *Communicate with Client and assist them to communicate and negotiate with local factory *Accompany business visiting and Meeting to factories , Negotiation and interpretation on business meeting. *Scheduling, business arrangement, travel planning as hotel and air/train tickets booking *Analysis sourcing requirement and using different channel to find factories (channels such as Industry experiences, Exhibition , Custom database, Mandarin platforms , on-site experience and so on), Always business ethics first.

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