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Genaral translation, Technical translation, Financial translation, Legal & Official documents translations.


Our Agency has been created in order to take you beyond the standard translation service offered here on Upwork. What makes Guruz Translations exceptional is the fact that no less than three experienced native translators will devote all their talent and skill to work on your project. We can perfectly translate YOUR documents into languages listed below: • German Translation • French Translation • Italian Translation • Spanish Translation • English Translation All Translators are Native Speakers and therefore no automatic translation You no longer have to rely completely on just one service provider or search for a proofreader. With three Native experts working together to ensure a coherent and error free translation you can be sure that the result will meet the highest standards of quality. Our services include; • Translation (eBooks, novels, Manuals, books, websites, Scan documents etc) • Interpretation • Website Localization • Transcription • Editing & Proofreading Besides general translations, we are also specialized in translating Financial, Legal and Official documents. Some examples of Legal documents include; • Contracts, • Terms of services, • Patents, or • Any other agreement. Examples of official documents include: • Birth certificates • Marriage certificates • Death certificates • Driver's licenses • Educational records For all Official and Legal documents, a certificate of accuracy will be issued. No matter what legal or official document you need translated, we can do that for you with 100 % accuracy. Our team provides: - Quality Assurance Process that you will not find anywhere else on Upwork or another translation service. By checking each other's work we will be able to spot mistakes of any kind; and thus, deliver an error-free translation. - Extra fast delivery without any additional costs. By distributing the work between ourselves, we will be able to deliver 2 times faster than any other translator.

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Legal Translation

Does your business require Legal translation services? We offer certified translations, as well as legalization and apostils services. We work exclusively with translators who have a deep understanding of legal concepts and terminology to guarantee that our translations are of the finest quality

General Translation


  1. Official Correspondence Translation
  2. Chinese to English Translation
  3. Official Documents Translation
  4. Contract Translation
  5. Spanish to English Translation
  6. General Transcription
  7. English to German Translation
  8. English to Italian Translation
  9. Legal Translation
  10. English to Spanish Translation
  11. Dutch to English Translation
  12. Financial Translation
  13. Technical Translation
  14. German
  15. Copy Editing Services

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