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Let me, Yaroslav Dobzhanskij, lead of the team, introduce myself as brief as I can: Natural born developer. Technical nomad. I have been written first program in my life being 11 years old. Learned 8086 Assembler pretty well at 13 years Launched own FidoNET node at 15 years First commercial program (crawler in PHP 4.2) done at 18. Later, as web developer I've worked about 12+ yrs with: - JavaScript (5 years, nodejs, uWebSocket, nanoexpress, express, pm2, express, passport, mongoose sometimes, ES6, AngularJS, Vue\Vuex, React,, 22 own npm packages) - PHP (7 years, senior level), - Python, Java, C, C++ (rarely, but commercial, very important for experience building) - MySQL, NoSQL (redis, memcache, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Sphinx, nedb) - Pixel perfect markup - perfect knowledge of HLS streaming Also I have deep and strong DevOps (system administration) experience, worked 4 years as system administrator on few hosting and internet companies before starting my web development careers, and I am expert with: - Bash scripting and automation - ELK stack and beats, exporting and using data back at API - NGINX (can write and handle really complicated configs, use njs for scripting, like hmac check) - mail/DB/streaming/firewalls/rate limit/QOS/ip2route/shaping/virtualisation - ask me about anything you need I have taken part in continuous development of 3 successful high loaded projects and had been well experienced in bottleneck finding, performance tuning & optimal code writing. 2 years ago that grown by itself into team building and sharing experience between members. Currently team consists of 2 full stack developers, 1 great frontend developer, 2 designers.

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Web Development

Full Stack Web development. We can guide you from prototype to ready and running site running at cluster ready for millions of requests from unique persons. Also we can take care about mature and running projects, which already are having technical problems and need deep analysis and refactoring


  1. TypeScript
  2. Vue.js
  3. MongoDB
  4. PHP
  5. HTML5
  6. Unit Testing
  7. Video Stream
  8. Unix System Administration
  9. Node.js
  10. Elasticsearch
  11. Vuex
  12. Redis
  13. JavaScript
  14. CSS 3
  15. React

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