We provide solution in Machine Learning, Computer vision, NLP, Web-development (Djnago, Flask) and all cloud services(AWS, GCP etc).


Companies developing artificial intelligence is in great demand and AiSangam is offering Artificial intelligence services, Data Science Solutions, Best python Solutions, MATLAB programming services, AI chatbot service provider as well Web Integration. Our Vision is to serve clients in best possible way. We have depth knowledge of developing complete end-to-end application of Machine Learning and Data Science. Proficient in these technology and programming: -Python, C++, PhP, R, Java -Machine Learning(CNN, LR, SVM, Dicision Tree, Naive Baise, Random Forest, KNN, K-mean etc) -Deep Learning (Tensorflow, Keras, Theano). -Working with library (Pandas, Numpy, NLTK, Matplotlib, Scipy, Urllib2, Skit-Learn) -Data Analysis (Regression, Time-series, LSTM, Seq-to-Seq, GAN) -Data Visualization( Matplotlib) -Data Mining and Web Scrapping(Beautiful soup, selenium) -Web Framework (Django, Flask, Tornado), Restful API -Request load balancer, Synchronous and Asynchronous Web Server -PhP (Laravel, Wordpress) Extra Skill:- --AWS (EC2, RDS, Domain Configuration), Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Heroku, Ubuntu, Putty, Hostinger. --Watson Chatbot. --MongoDB, NoSQL, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, Linux, Windows, Unix. --Docker, Kubernet, Git, Anova. --Jira, GitLab, Joho, Slack, Basecamp -OpenVINO, Intel Nueral Stics --Complete Web Development + Design (Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS). --Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Gimp. Projects:- --Video analytics including staff and customer detection (and many custom use case of store), People Counting, Facial Recognition, Emotion Detection using Deep Learning and OpenCV on custom data. --Contextual Chat-bot for telecommunication company (Oreedo, Etisalat- UAE) --Recommendation System for Hookah Flavor And Instagram friendship probability. --NLP (Natural language Processing) Sentiment Analysis. --Object Detection from image and video using deep learning network(Tensorflow Object Detection API, YOLO, Keras-Retinanet, Dlib, Opencv and many more). --AWS ML Modeling and using Endpoint API. --Data visualization for stock market using Matplotlib and Pandas library and many more We have well maintained Github account and blog where new changes are committed and reflected. Check AI Sangam You Tube Channel for viewing some live demos and AI Sangam blog for some written material. Please stay in touch through our accounts in the social networking sites provided at the footer section. Coming years will belong to AI and IoT (Internet of Things). So it is better to learn these. We believe in a quality based product at limited resources and time constraint. In same manner we try to place a batter communication with client so that project requirement and development remain always on right track. We always try to build a long time relationship on the basis of service quality. We are completely flexible with time to communicate as a team. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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