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Thank you for viewing my profile! I've worked as a Virtual Assistant for almost three years. The client I had worked for owns a call center company situated in the Philippines. And mainly, my job was to help sign up more clients for the company. The following were part of my daily tasks as a VA: 1. Client Prospecting The ultimate strategy of my prospecting was only through Linkedin. The routine was so simple. I use a sales navigator to send out connections to targeted prospective clients. Then, I send them messages, infographics, and videos explaining our services, price rates, and onboarding roadmap blueprint. After that, I set an appointment for my Boss, and he will take it from there. 2. Email Marketing Apart from doing the Linkedin prospecting strategy, I also send out newsletters or blog updates to prospects through email. I was using MailChimp for email campaign automation. 3. Social Media Management I manage and maintain Facebook and Instagram accounts of the company by doing blog posts, regular posts, updates, and replying to DM's and comments from posts. 4. Customer Service I was answering inbound inquiries too. From social media, email, to phone. Apart from that, I also have a significant amount of knowledge and experience building an e-commerce website through WordPress (using elementor) and Shopify. I used to have my own website for my dropshipping business but that's on pause for now due to lack of financial resources, but I will definitely have it running again soon. Virtual Assisting is a very demanding career. It requires flexibility and a sense of urgency and diversity. And most of all, the ability to learn and adapt new things quickly. And I'm glad to be able to learn these skills all throughout my experience working as a Virtual Assistant. Not only have I leveraged my career experience, but ultimately my skills. If you hire me, I'll make sure that you will have returns on your investment. I look forward to working with you!

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