My skills in a nutshell: Keying, compositing, color grading, motion graphics, 2d/3d tracking, transitions, video editing according to narrative and rythm, lower thirds, logo animations, subtitling, creating templates. If I don´t know how, I will learn it. Short Work Bio: In 2010 I had my first job as a junior video editor in-house. They had bonus incentives on quantity produced, I met mine both years. This position solidified my college learning, gave me speed editing, and gave me skills to tackle better projects. By 2015 I was working for a very successful Venezuelan producer called PLOP Contenido. My highlight with PLOP is "Heads of Space", a 2D animated series produced for Univision. Credited as Animatics Editor, my job was to assemble the base for each episode mixing voice acting, storyboard slides and sound effects according to script. I was soon promoted to Senior Video editor, were I had to juggle with a great load of work per week and a small team: our clients ranged from famous local TV shows, political campaigns, TV ads, comedy sketches to one-time private clients. By the end of 2017 I took the leap into freelancing: rocketed by small but loyal clients, I managed to establish my small personal office. First working locally, then with clients abroad. 2018 was the year of Upwork, and to my surprise at first, I was trusted with great, compelling projects that pushed my limits, made me learn new skills and pushed myself further than before. I am always available for a video/voice call for consultation, you can expect fast replies from 9 AM to 7 PM (CEST) on weekdays. Thank you for visiting my profile

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