My policy is to provide high-quality services of patent, trademark, design patent, and copyright for an affordable cost to save your time and money. I'm a registered intellectual property practitioner specialized in patents, industrial designs, trademarks, and copyright. I specialized in contract drafting as well. Furthermore, I have a Bachelor of law, and I have the following certificates: Certification on the basic patent training course from USPTO. Certificate of general course on intellectual property from world intellectual property organization (WIPO). Training on the international standards for the enforcement of intellectual property rights from the Global Intellectual Property Academy (GIPA). Certificate on introduction to the patent cooperation treaty PCT from WIPO. Certificate of the course on cybersecurity basics from the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN). Certificate on introduction to ICANN from the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN). Certificate on European Union trademark (EUTM) in a Nutshell from the European Union intellectual property office academy (EUIPO). Over the last seven years, I filed hundreds of patent and trademark applications in the US, CA, UK, AU, EU, Hong Kong, and China, and international applications. I offer the following intellectual property services: ▬ Patents ▬ Patent search State-of-the-art searches. Novelty/patentability searches. Validity searches. Name searches. Technology activity searches. Freedom to operate searches or legal status searches. Patent protection strategy. Draft and file provisional patent application. Draft and file non-provisional utility patent application. Draft and file international patent applications based on PCT or Paris convention. File national phase application. PCT patent applications Preparing PCT Application Filing PCT Application Study the International Search Report and Written Opinion of the ISA Provide all the info you have to know before the International Publication Request earlier publication Request postpones the publication Request and study Supplementary International Search Report File a demand of International Preliminary Examination Study International Preliminary Report of Patentability Entry into the National Phase Withdraw a priority date Withdraw PCT application Help with license a patent Help with find patent in any art that can be licensed ▬ Designs ▬ Draft and file national design application. Draft and file international design application. Prepare patent drawings according to the patent and design requirements to avoid returning the drawings from the patent office to ask for corrections. Respond to patent office actions. Prepare and file patent petitions. ▬ Trademarks ▬ Trademark protection strategy. National trademark search. Prepare and file a national trademark application. International trademark search Prepare and file an international trademark application. Respond to trademark office actions. Prepare and file a statement of use (SOU). Prepare and file trademark petitions. Reply to notice of opposition. File declaration of use File renewal trademark application Trademark policing and maintaining Explaining how to use the trademark correctly to keep your trademark rights Monitor potentially conflicting marks Monitor any illegal use of your trademark Monitor any competitive common law trademarks Send a notice to competitors to stop using trademarks Send cease and desist letters to others to shut down potentially conflicting uses. Trademark licenses license trademark without becoming a naked license that causes losing trademark rights Co-branding trademark with keeping trademark rights Help with the disputes arising from the similarity between trademarks and domain names and trademarks and companies names. Cyber squatting related to trademarks Prepare and file international Madrid System trademark applications ▬ ENFORCEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS ▬ Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) Enforcement of intellectual property rights under the WTO TRIPs agreement The responsibilities for intellectual property rights enforcement Border Enforcement of Trademarks and Copyrights Procedures to prevent goods infringing trademark or copyright from imported or exported Application to the competent authority for border enforcement against infringing imports ▬ Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy ▬ ▬ Contracts Drafting ▬ Important note: The services provided do not constitute legal advice.

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