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My name is Marko Kushinski, and I have over three years of experience in Amazon FBA. I have an extensive understanding of running an Amazon business from end to end. My skill set includes: ✅ Product Research & Scouting ✅ Keywords Research ✅ Product Sourcing ✅ Sales Sheet and Profit/Loss Report ✅Seller Central Account Management ✅Customer Service ✅Contacting suppliers via email or phone ✅Researching profitable products ✅Analysing/Calculating profits using tools ✅Ordering products from manufacturers ✅Listing products on Amazon Seller Central … and many other things. The technology I have expertise in includes: SellerCentral RevSeller Jungle Scout Hellium10 Keepa Jungle scout Wholesale inspector Google Drive Microsoft Office Dropbox Trello If you need an expert in this business model who has many pieces of valuable information that will help build and grow your business, whether you’re a seasoned seller. I am an individual that's offering continually top quality work. I am a quick learner, beneficial, experienced, and efficient person, willing to learn something new and yet can be relied on to have a few concepts up my sleeve when and where required. I am also knowledgeable in opening SEO, creating websites ... etc

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