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In past 3 Years, Distributed system stragthen me a lot and result being, Me & My team is more dedicated towards the core technologies and frameworks. Data Strutcture & Algorithms pull me up. We are more focused to deliver Blockchain Solutions, defi-Apps, Smart-contracts for solving purposes and giving more power to blockchain (NFT) using C++ for binaries, Web-assemblies (wasm) & WASI API, Javascript & Web3 utilities for cross-device support and portability in modernise world. Trying to implement unique feature of monero which is stealth address and RingCT into Ethereum so that could make it more secure. I am trying to improve myself in two specific domain and want to be technical subject matter expertise. Finance and Life-science are the domains but Finance is the priority offcourse as money matters. Jokes apart i do feel that The purpose for which cryptocurrency came into the market, is still unsolved because obscurity of transactions is still an obstacle. Even after having so many available exchange, It is still a big concept for a common man to adopt. I am continuously working towards achieving ease of operations and transaction of cryptosystem and that's why more exciting world for me is Cryptography curve, algorithms & security essentials. Last 8 years, I spent with Web Applications and various domains like Online-booking system, fantasy sports, media & entertainment. I Got opportunity to work with so many Renowned brands like Pepsi, The Galleria mall - Dubai, Top rated tour planner - Roobaroowalks, India's very first rural media - Gaon-Connection & The nation as key player. It was a thrilling experience for me to create Server using Javascript because for the people of my generation it used to be just a common scripting language. I take pride in being from the generation that watched JavaScript grow up alongside myself.

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