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www . craddle . ai We are your AI Consultancy Partners. Our AI Embeddable Solutions are customised according to these Use Cases and NSVPs: For E-commerce Store Owners: "Skyrocket your sales with Integrate AI agents to curate real-time product suggestions that compel purchases, amplify your outreach, and decrease cart abandonment. Convert visitors to loyal customers effortlessly." For SaaS Startups: "Boost your subscription rates with Implement AI-driven features that enhance user satisfaction, increase platform stickiness, and reduce churn. Attract and retain clients without the costs of building in-house AI solutions." For Content Creators and Bloggers: "Multiply your subscribers and engagement with Leverage AI to tailor content suggestions, optimize post timings, and automate audience engagement. Turn casual readers into devoted followers." For Financial and Banking Institutions: "Elevate your client base with's AI agents. Deliver tailored financial insights, attract new clients with unique AI-driven features, and drastically reduce fraud-related costs. Stand out in the competitive financial market." For Healthcare Providers: "Increase patient loyalty and reduce operational costs with Streamline appointments, enhance diagnostic precision, and deliver unique patient experiences. Set your practice apart in the modern healthcare landscape." For Solopreneurs: "Drive your sales and amplify your brand with Equip your business with AI tools that engage your audience, optimize your offerings, and cut operational costs. Make every effort count in maximizing returns." For Real Estate Agencies: "Maximize property sales and reduce listing times with Utilize AI to provide predictive market trends, captivate potential buyers with tailored property matches, and automate repetitive tasks, slashing operational costs." For Educational Institutions: "Boost enrollment and reduce administrative expenses with Deliver AI-personalized learning paths to attract students, automate tedious tasks, and ensure cost-efficient academic excellence." For Travel and Tourism Platforms: "Drive bookings and reduce overhead with Offer AI-optimized travel plans, enhance customer engagement, and automate booking steps. Turn every visitor's wanderlust into a confirmed reservation while keeping costs minimal."

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