Please don't invite me if you need only some low pay (< $45/hr) low skills (such as ESP32, Arduino copy and paste alike etc) jobs, it's insulting for a professional, thanks. Thank you for taking the time to view my profile. I'm a professional electrical engineer with experience in power electronics, digital circuits, analog circuits, and HF RF circuits. My favorite EDA tools are OrCAD Capture CIS for schematics design, Allegro for PCB design, PSpice for circuit simulation, Verilog/Vivado for digital and FPGA design, SIMetrix/SIMPLIS for SMPS design. Still, I have used many other EDA tools under customer/client requests in the past, such as Altium Designer, LTspice, TINA-TI, ADS, Quartus Prime, etc. I'm also a professional programmer with experience in PC BIOS, BSP, Linux, and Android, and I'm familiar with many programming languages such as x86 assembly, ARM assembly, C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, JavaScript, Unix shell script. I have many mass production designs for domestic clients and some from foreign countries. If you want reference to some of my product designs, I can ask for the client's permission as they are mostly NDA secured. I'm serious about the intellectual properties of others. But you can view my portfolio for a LF N2PK VNA and a Red Pitaya STEMlab125 designs, both are the few best in class amateur measurement equipment with professional device quality, I improved on their original design to better fit my daily electrical test requirements, and as I just produce my own improved design for my private use, so it's legal for me to show them here without IP issues with the copyright holders. My current interest and most recent skills are FPGA, SMPS, motor control, and automotive electronics. My previous strong skills are ARM architecture board design, BSP and Linux kernel porting, and Linux system programming.

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