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Over the years I have developed habit to think of different ways to automate everything we can. It has been an exciting journey for me, looking hours of work getting done in minutes if not in seconds. Since I am a software developer, all my automations work are for now are limited to automate the processes on the computer. My most successful project of automation is, which works on auto-pilot! Upon receiving newsletters from the brands, it makes screenshot of the email, convert it into web optimal format of Webp, find the relevant seo keywords, and publish it to the relevant category. Each category make use of keywords automatically, to generate seo optimized meta description, which are extremely relevant to the category. I have used automation in my digital marketing journey as well. Developed a tool that learn how certain campaigns are performing, tweaks the campaign, if it's effective keep the record to apply for the next campaigns. If we are getting desired ROAS, increase the budget by a certain percentage, until the optimum level of ROAS is reached. I have also developed a few YouTube Channels, that are run on AutoPilot, one of which make use of videos available on AliExpress and get them published on YouTube Channel with the Affiliate link, another one downloads videos from TikTok and SnackVideo from different hashtags, compile them into one video and publishes it. Thumbnails are generated automatically making use of PHP GD Library, ffmpeg and Python face detection scripts I have made a quite many Bots for cryptocurrency trading, which aids in taking trades at certain prices, making use of indicators, and the trend lines. My future aim is to build an automation company with the sole goal to automate everything, from cooking to virtual doctors, from virtual lawyers to automatic stitching and furniture making. I am full of ideas but lack resources to execute.

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