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React Native Mobile developer 🔱 While there are many developers who can write great code, I take it a step further: As an entrepreneur and founder of 2 local-startups whose platforms I developed myself, I understand your needs and the business aspects of software development. ❗You don’t just need an app — you need all of the following, too: • An app that can ENGAGE USERS • An app that can convert VISITORS to PAYING CLIENTS • Make sure production is SCALABLE In other words, apps that achieve your business goals. As a UI/UX designer as well as frontend developer experienced in working with company founders, here’s how I can help: 🔷 UNDERSTANDING YOUR VISION! While I certainly understand your technical needs, I want to understand the project we will be working on, in order to do this THE SMART WAY. Using the right technologies and creating the in app user experience can be crucial and could SAVE YOU TONS OF MONEY if done right. The key here is to understand your needs. If I can see what your customer persona and business goals are, I can personalise the in-app customer experience, in order to generate more traffic afterwards. 🔷 PRODUCT GOAL ANALYSIS AS WELL AS CHOOSING THE BEST TECHNOLOGY STACK TO ACHIEVE YOUR NEEDS. Over the past 3 years I have developed multiple MOBILE designs and software solutions: Depending what your product goal is, I will analyse aspects like: Pixel perfect UI, for a better user onboarding as well as a rich visual experience Quality UX that makes the app intuitive to use and also engage the customer. After analysis step, you will benefit of: ✅ Weekly and well defined milestones ✅ Constant and on time deliverables ✅ Progress track ✅ An organised, structured and transparent workflow ✅ 24/7 support for your needs ✅ A holistic approach to your project ✅ A huge attention to detail ✅ Maintenance as needed after release 🔶 Main technologies used: • React Native • AdobeXD • Figma 🔸 If there are some other needs, the stack is very volatile so I quickly adapt to other similar technologies. 🔷 ALWAYS PAYING ATTENTION TO TRANSPARENCY! In my opinion, communication and transparency are the factors that can ease the development process and decide if the entire process will be a success or not. Versioning and project tracking systems like Trello or Jira will be always available in our collaboration. Also, offering a 24/7 support, will give you the transparency you need. As a business owner myself, I learned with time how important this aspect is so, this is something I never forget. *** So, what's the next step? If you've read (or skipped) to this point, and like what you hear, I'd love to hear about what exactly you need help with. I've learned that, while there may be similarities between my clients, each one is a unique company, with their own unique business needs and goals. For that reason, my apps are never "cookie cutter" — they're always DESIGNED to help you achieve your company's goals! Send me a message, and tell me a bit about your situation, and what you're trying to accomplish. Then I'll message you back, and help you come up with a plan for tackling your unique project. Thanks for your time! Cheers, Andrei

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