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I am mechanical engineering with a large experience in many disciplines. My continius training allow me to be updated to all the techniques and techonologies available in the market. Althoug I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree, I continue learning thanks to different courses of my sector. I have developed my career in automotive sector for very importance companies in Europe. This time I focused my task in DFM (Design For Manufacturing). I am specialized in the development of custom projects for the design of parts of diferent materials. I prepare a design specific for each manufacturing technology, based on geometry and requirements stipulated by the customers. These are the main phases that I usually use for the projects: 1. Know the product. I will request a first idea about the customer want to develop. I like to keep an initial meeting to know the issue perfectly and prepare the most properand specific solution. 2. Create de requirements. Probably the most important step. Togheter with the customer, I define the requirements that the product need (geometry, characteristics, working conditions, materials, target price, delivery time...). It is important to have all the specifications clear before start with next step. 3. Basic design. 3D design based on the specifications previously defined. 4. Detail design. Once the basic design is near to the first idea, a more specific design will be developed, integrating all the details, and preparing the part for manufacturing.Depend on the quantity of parts that the customer need to produce, I adapt the design for each kind of manufacturing: - Low quantities: specific model for 3D printing - High quantites: specific model for plastic injection, casting or forging (parting lines, ejectors, draft angles, date stamps, roundings...). Usually, I like to manufacture some parts in 3D printing to check the design. 5. Supplier management. Find the proper supplier for the part. In that case, I have contact with some excellent suppliers in Spain. I can start a convesation with them or I can search some supplier near to customer's region. The parts that I am able to design can include many features: - External connectors - Overmoulded connectors - Snap-fit or screw joints - Additional gasket for sealing - FIPG technology - Overmoulded gaskets - Machining supports

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