Outsourcing is often seen as, and expected to be, some sort of magic pill that helps you growth hack your business. And nothing is further from the truth. To be successful with outsourcing, you must know very well what has to be done, or hire field experts. The biggest culprit of outsourcing is that outsource provider are yeasayers, and businesses end up hiring underqualified people based on price, and have no idea how to manage them remotely. At HOPLA we aim to provide good outsourcing experiences by providing expert management level staff to start with, against entry-level prices, and scale up our engagements after we have successfully identified your outsourcing needs. You will work with a dedicated manager that helps you scale your remote team with associates to meet your outsourcing requirements. Our remote setup will give you a transparent and granular insight into when, where and how long your staff worked on what. A control that

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