Over the last six years, I have worked in media in a multitude of ways (i.e social media, marketing, design, photography and videography) with different stakeholders. I transitioned from being a Sales Assistant at a retail jewellers to the position of Media Director, where my responsibilities expanded and transformed. My marketing responsibilities included liaising with third-party partners (such as radio agents and magazine representatives) to make sure that the company's image was advertised precisely as desired. I managed the different social media platforms for this company, automating posts on a daily basis for the month ahead at peak hours to maximise engagement and really build the brands equity whilst allowing the companies to focus on other important assets of their company whilst outsourcing the social media responsibilities to me. My role also involved a lot of creative freedom as I am responsible for building the websites, regularly making UI changes to keep the feel of the sites fresh, general branding design (i.e. logos), advert creation, newsletter design, as well as product photography/videography. After managing the media department at one of my previous jobs, I know that I am best suited to roles where I’m expected to manage certain responsibilities independently and take ownership of the processes. Fully immersing myself in a role and team allows me to find new ways of handling tasks and improving the efficacy of existing processes. This particular role interests me as there seems to be a great deal of problem-solving involved which appeals to me as I enjoy a challenging job that helps me grow and improve. In my current role I manage a multitude of tasks that vary in size and urgency, due to time-constraints I’ve learned that the most important approach is correct prioritisation - this begins with organising my work to understand what’s required of me that week, then triaging the various projects which allows me to plan each work day. The only way to make sure a task is completed to the correct standard (especially in a remote environment) is to welcome constructive criticism and not be wary of asking questions when instructions are not clear. This way, my time is used more efficiently, which frees up space in my day to tackle any last-minute requests.

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