Blockchain ideas and content have a tendency to sound complex and hard to read. However, copies and content that help sell a brand, service, or product are crystal clear in delivering benefits and pain relief, Not complex tech ideas. As a 3-year blockchain content writer and strategist, I have found that the highest converting and engaging copies and content I have written are those written with 8-year-olds and 70+-year-old readers in mind. About Me I am a blockchain and tech content and copywriter, with 5 plus years of programming background, which helps me get through the maze of making engaging content from highly technical developer briefs, Github code repos and technical documentation. I love helping developers and the technology teams coin out interactive and engaging content from their copies. Interested? Lets have a quick chat about why you think your Dapp, smart contract, webApp, or web service is the best thing since, Google and Ethereum or we could talk about writing that article or PR just the way you imagined it to be.

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