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At NEXE we Develop Solutions and solve problems with smarter Approaches to your projects in a fraction of seconds. I'm a Computer Science Graduate with Web Programming experience of +3 Years as a freelancer in computer science projects. We have expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript, and React/Redux. We have been specializing in JavaScript over the last 7 years, and my accomplishments run the gamut from flashy portfolio sites to robust single-page applications using current best practices for front-end development. We have extensive experience developing for Ruby on Rails and Node.js with Express. During much of my career, We have worked as a full-stack developer, interfacing with databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL & MongoDB. We are adept at designing and consuming various styles of APIs, including REST & GraphQL. —————————— SKILLS —————————— ✔ WordPress Websites ✔ WordPress Development ✔ WordPress Customization ✔ WordPress Speed Optimization ✔ CSS, Bootstrap ✔ Tailwind CSS ✔ JavaScript ✔ MySQL ✔ HTML5 ✔ Web3.js ✔ REST API —————————— TOOLS —————————— - Task runner: webpack, gulp - Version Control: git, mercurial - Unit testing: karma, jasmine, jest, enzyme - Task manager: Redmine, Jira, Pivotal - Hosting: Heroku, AWS, Microsoft Azure Our qualities: 1. We're responsible and honest (seriously) 2. We're a hard-working and loyal person 3. We're a fast learners and a curious person 4. We adequately perceive the reality Top priority:- We believe in the Client is the Master for the long-term business relationship by completing your Job with 100% Quality and real outcome of your spending.

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Looking for a professional WordPress developer at low prices, Then you are at the right place. We will help You design & develop Your pro, clean, & modern WP Website or Blog. We care about our clients even including support for your website Looking for a pro WordPress developer at low prices.

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