We're an experienced, results-oriented, hands-on professional full-stack software engineers(Web/Mobile/Desktop) and designers(Brand identity, logo, and 3D design) with extensive experience solving business challenges through the successful design and implementation of technology. - Domain Knowledge: ** Custom ERP Solutions, E-Commerce Applications, Medical Applications, Custom Content Management System (CMS), Desktop Applications, etc. - Numerous scripting languages(frameworks/libraries): ** Classic ASP, ASP.NET core, ** Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, ** Python(Django/Flask), ** Go/Golang, ** JavaScript(React/Redux/React Native, React Hook, Gatsby.js, Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Angular 6+, Quasar, Ember.js, Meteor.js, RXJS, D3.js, web3.js), Canvas, FabricJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Typescript, VBScript. - Numerous desktop applications (C#/VB.NET/Java, C++/QT, Rust, Electron.js, PLC, Fluent UI) that are connected to a centralized DB and/or the cloud (i.e., Azure, AWS, Custom built RESTful APIs, OAuth authentication, etc.) along with WiX Windows Packaging/Installer software. - Mobile App Development: ** React-Native / Flutter ** Swift/RxSwift, Objective-C ** Java/Kotlin - 3D and Game related programming and engines: ** WebGL/three.js, babylon.js, Blender, SketchUp ** Unity / Native Bridging / Unreal Engine - Low-code development platform(LCDP): ** Quickbase, Tapclicks, Mendix, Zoho Creator (CRM), Odoo, Salesforce, Hubspot, Spring Boot - Learning Management System(LMS), Moodle - NLP: Python/Django, spaCy, Cython - CMS: Drupal, Umbraco, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Webflow - PHP Framework: Laravel, Symfony - MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DynamoDB, Apollo GraphQL, MariaDB, DB2, MongoDB, neo4j, and Teradata databases as well as numerous XML technologies. - Third Party APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Flickr, Amazon, Twilio, GAE, eBay, Google Analytics, Google Maps, MailChimp, Interactive Brokers, NZPost, Rackspace, Shopify, USPS, Vero, Vimeo, Westfield, Wikiparser, etc.

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  1. Ecommerce Website Development
  2. React Native
  3. CMS Framework
  4. ERP Software
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Elixir
  7. Learning Management System
  8. Desktop Application
  9. Phoenix
  10. QuickBase
  11. WebGL
  12. Ruby on Rails
  13. Web Application
  14. CRM Development
  15. Flutter

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