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A high performing professional in blockchain architecture and solution, entrepreneur and innovator behind multiple startup solution. Currently, we only focus our time on blockchain projects and consultation. If you are looking to build a DeFi/NFT/P2E(Play To Earn) projects and want best in class development or you need help in bringing your project across the finish line, we provide solutions in: Yield Farming Protocols Crypto Collectible Platforms and Borrowing Custom dApps, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 Smart Contract Development Crypto Betting and Casinos, P2E/T2E Liquidity Minting Protocols Automated Market Making(AMM) Protocols Flash Loans, P2P/Pool Lending and Borrowing Advanced Trading Platforms(Stocks, CFD, Forex...) DEX and Centralized Crypto Exchanges Portfolio Tracking Platforms Multichain Web and Mobile Wallets We also are able to help you navigate the regulatory landscape in any jurisdiction to make sure your project is safe, compliant, and to make sure your risks are minimized. Thanks for stopping by.

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