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Hello, I'm Shaz. Known as The "Best SEO Consultant In Calgary and Toronto," I collaborate with aspirational business owners to increase their sales and organic traffic. We should speak if you're tired of wasting time on poor SEO strategies that do more harm than good. I’m not here to throw loads of technical jargon in your face to prove I know what I’m talking about. My outcomes are self-evident: - -Owns the prestigious SEO firm THE SOFT HUB. - Has produced thousands of dollars in organic revenue to date. -I'm ranking above all the other so-called "SEO Experts" on Google What You Can Expect If We Work Together: 👨🏽‍💻 a committed professional who is always learning new things. I fly quite a bit. ⚡️ Fast response times, I reply to all messages within 24 hours (even on weekends) 😎 Bespoke campaign strategies that will generate the results (money) you want. What You Can Expect To NOT Get If We Work Together: 👎 BS. Won’t give it, or take it either. 👎 A pushover. If you’re just looking for someone to execute what you think needs to be done, rather than an expert to tell you what you need, I’m not the guy for you. Still here? You’re just as surprised as I am! Let’s talk about the process a little bit: 1️⃣ Invite me to your job. Let me know that you read all of this and I’ll take a quick look at your website and we’ll see if it seems like a good match. 2️⃣ We'll schedule a phone call to talk about your business and my processes, and decide if it makes sense to work together.  3️⃣ Getting to work: If it seems like we're a good fit, then we can start working together.  4️⃣ Results: My focus is on making you more money. Did you read this? Thank you! Let me know by saying "TSH" in your invite :) Cheers, Shaz

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