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My name is Carlos Campos. I´ve been in the real estate industry for over 5 years, I´ve been focusing on Real Estate Campaigns, I started my way cold-calling, then as an Acquisitions Manager and currently as a Sales Director and Operations Manager, managing a Sales Department. I´ve worked for Real Estate Investors and Retail Real Estate all over the US running various campaigns, I also have experience using the TTP Method from Brent Daniels. I'm currently studying my Master´s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Guadalajara, I have an HR Management Diploma, a Leadership and Team Development Diploma and a Basic Financial Concepts Diploma, all three from the Berlin Management Institute and a Corporate Governance Diploma, I also have multiple recognitions and commendations for Sales Excellence. I'm currently only accepting offers as a consultant, not a full time job! Schedule a meeting with me! Carlos Pineda

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May 22, 2022

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