Corporate identity. Logo, business card, letterhead, favicon. Sources as a gift Development of corporate corporate identity. 1. Modern logo*: 1. 3 options (One is selected for development. ) 2. Sources: PNG/JPG/AI/EPS/PDF/CDR 3. Version for B/W use. 4. 3 corrections for the selected option * I do not develop logos that include drawing complex illustrations, creating animated characters, watercolor techniques and three-dimensional images of photographic quality. Each of the above points implies contacting a specialist of the appropriate profile. **If you don't like the logo design , additional options will be made for you as a bonus. 2. Corporate business card* 1. Double-sided, ready to print 2. Sources 3. PDF and CDR. 4. 90x50 or 90x55 or 95x55. 5. Unlimited number of edits * The business card defines all subsequent products as part of the first style 3. Letterhead 1. A4 (210x299 mm). 2. PDF, CDR, and DOC (not editable) 3. Unlimited number of edits 4. Favicon 1. PNG in a round shape, on a transparent background. 2. ICO 32*32, 16*16 (optional) 5. Set of fonts used* 1. If licensed fonts are used, then links will be provided to you. *Fonts are not the property of designers, they are the work of calligraphers and typefactors. Need to order: By logo: 1. Name. 2. Slogan. 3. Scope of activity. 4. The main idea? 5. Color preferences. 6. Suggestions for the use of fonts. 7. Logos that you like (examples). By business card: 1. Full name of the employee. 2. Contacts, phone numbers. 3. Addresses, e-mail 3. Links to social media profiles. 4. QR code if available. 5 Sizes if available Letterhead: The legal card of the company. If there is no such information, the information from the business card will be used. Files PDF Price list for my design services .pdf Type: Branding Trader

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