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My background is in Philosophy and Neuroscience. I have published several papers in neuroscience journals. Academic and analytical writing is my strong suit. Particularly synthesizing information and succulently communicating it. Since then I have been pursuing a masters in mental health counseling at Naropa University. My focus is on psychedelic-assisted therapy. While I am not a licensed psychotherapist yet, I do providing "psychedelic coaching". I provide clients with advice based on my years of experience in the field. I cannot provide medical advice or professional mental health advice. My lens is through harm reduction and peer support. I do not provide information about how to obtain or manufacture illegal substances. I can help you prepare for and integrate from legal psychedelic experiences in your personal life. Examples of the types of questions I can answer in psychedelic coaching: - I'm interested in trying [insert psychoactive substance here], how can I go about it in a safer way? - What are common dosages for this substance, what routes of administration are favored and why? Who can I consult for more specific medical or mental health advice? - What resources are available to do my own research about this substance? - I felt a lot of benefit from an experience recently but often the lessons fade over time. What can I do to maintain those benefits long after the experience?

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