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Our primary specialty is data analytics and data visualization using Tableau, Plotly-Dash, SQL, Python. What we offer you: - Extracting and transforming data - Insightful and analytic reports - Data visualization - Visual analytics - Statistical Analysis - Marketing Analysis - Financial Analysis - KPI Metrics Reporting - Time Series Analysis - Geographic analysis - Creating visually attractive dashboards - Web Scraping - Machine Learning Modelling with Python (Linear REgression, Decision Tree, SVM, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, KNN,K-means, ANN, Boostinf Models etc.) - Working with DataBases, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite. Client satisfaction is on top of our priority. If you value high-quality and insightful works, then you would love to work with us.

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Data Analysis & Testing

Transforming your data into actionable insights


  1. Data Analysis
  2. Python
  3. SQL
  4. Plotly
  5. Tableau
  6. Data Analytics & Visualization Software

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