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IT consulting and development agency specialising from small to medium scale Healthcare and other IT projects consisting of: *Different integrations for different fields: - Payment platforms (stripe, adyen and etc) - Data import/export systems ( Fitbit, AppleHealthKit, and etc) - Communication tools ( video call via twilio, direct messaging, fax integration and etc) - Different systems API establishment and connection (labs, e-prescribing, interoperability tools and etc) *RPA and Individual task automations: - RPA for revenue cycle management services (RCM) - Repetitive tasks automation via scripts or RPA bots in accounting, different operational tasks, shared services and etc - Data scrapping for marketing, PR purposes *Individual IT web system development and management - Back end infrastructure and architecture - Front end different tasks - Mobile applications (iOS and Android) development *Other - General IT consulting - IT system audit and reporting - Process improvement auditing and flowcharts - Revenue cycle management (RCM) consulting Ideally we work on full scale projects from establishing requirements, estimates, labour force costs and providing development and client relation management until the project is complete. Post maintenance can be fully maintained by us as well. See our Director's profiles: Tomas - More than 8 years of operational/project development experience within the healthcare industry. Worked on people and process development, onshore-offshore transition, implementing six sigma, product development and strategy. Deep knowledge of an RCM (billing) processes, different EHR and healthcare vendors (labs, e-prescribing, provider enrolment and credentialing, interoperability networks and etc) Linas - More than 10 years of technical experience in software development and IT. Worked with legacy software maintenance, software modernisation, greenfield projects, complex integrations, quality assurance, and auditing. Developed organisational strategies and technical visions for healthcare companies, worked with e-prescribing, interoperability networks, provider and patient experience development, Telehealth communications (voice, video, text), transcriptions, and etc

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