- With a background in computer science, I have a passion for applying systems-oriented thinking to business processes. - I am focused on and driven by ethical implementation and realisation of blockchain technology. - Over the course of my career, I've enjoyed supporting the development of enthusiastic, motivated teams while helping them to conceptualise the big picture frameworks around the projects they've been working on. - Successfully secured funding in various grassroots enterprises, transitioning them to detail oriented teams. - I'm very (data!) driven by statistical analysis. - I've been fortunate enough to work with diverse teams in a number of tech fields, which has afforded me a breadth of insight into the full potential of technological development. - I have been inspired by the likes of Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and Charles Hoskinson to see blockchain as more than "just" a revolutionary improvement on business processes but also something to change the world for the better, for all people - a more equitable and transparent society.

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