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We are a team of IT business analysts and UX designers who have been working purposefully in the market for more than 10 years. We always focus on forecasting trends, uncovering business insights through the implementation of extensive analytics, and finding unique design solutions. We are always working on building a reliable and long-term partnership, we work with different categories of business and after a deep dive into the project, we emerge with an exclusive decision. Our team always takes a comprehensive approach in passing all stages of project implementation, for a progressive jump and a significant boost of your product on the market. Our team of business analysts will help to improve the efficiency of specific processes or the implementation of automation. Our specialists collect and identify requirements for future products. At the same time, they find optimal solutions, combining this information with market analysis, and then make the solution available to technical specialists on your side or ours. Be ready to find with us: what are the unmet needs of your consumer; what expectations/preferences they have, including hidden ones; which product or service might interest them; Our team of UX designers knows how to choose the most relevant approach in terms of speed, convenience, and logic to solve specific user problems. The designer’s team analyzes user actions, creates behavioral prototypes, and conducts testing — so that users can more easily get the result they need. More about UX experience Experience in prototyping complex applications: Our team has extensive experience in the process of prototyping various concepts that help build a vision of the future user experience, journey, and interaction. Depending on the type of prototype and its complexity, this process can save a lot of time, money, and effort throughout the design and development cycle. Experience in processing complex UX: Our team has experience in processing complex UX, such modernization requires not only changes in the visual aspect but also complex technical work, which will contribute to effective optimization and further promotion of the resource. The user experience is significantly improved if the following components are well worked out: graphic design, site architecture, interface responsiveness, and text clarity. Experience working with a wireframe: Our UX design experience shows how important the user flow functionality is provided by wireframe modeling. The wireframing shows the general layout of the product and indicates which elements should be included on each page. Therefore, our design specialists are ready to research and create exactly such a framework that most accurately reproduces the functionality of your product.

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