I believe that the right words can get you the customers you deserve! As a English Language Graduate with years of experience in content strategy, I can make that happen! Hi. I'm Joshua I specialize in creating content for your website/blog to attract more visitors and get MORE sales. I do this by assessing your business, understanding your brand's identity, stepping into your customers' shoes and then writing words that speak to their soul. Content has always been king. Let's face it: there is lots of written content out there that has made people very selective on what they read and give importance to. I can help you STAND OUT by crafting content which is strong, engaging, audience-specific, extremely comprehensive and well-tailored for your SEO rankings to bring more visitors to your website and then eventually get MORE sales. Together, we can write a story - your story - that your customers can understand, relate to, and appreciate If you are here you are probably looking for a Spanish to English/ English to Spanish translator, so I won’t keep you long. I will tell you what I can do for you: results! — I will deliver your text in time, I am very serious about deadlines and I understand your time -and mine means MONEY! — If I need to do my research to be sure I completely understand your niche I will do it because I care about the quality of my work. — Human translation: I DO NOT do machine translations. You WILL NOT get a word-by-word, Google translated text. My approach is to convey the essence of what the author of the original document means. — I know how to follow instructions.

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