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Are you tired of looking for agencies or freelancers who aren’t just after your money? Are you looking for a new website? Are you running advertisements but not getting the results you would like? Then look no further, you are in the right place! There are many web designers out there who are great at making beautiful sites, however they tend to be pretty socially awkward as well as poor salesmen. This is a recipe for failure! Your website is your sales pitch, and your advertisements are the ways you get in front of people to give your pitch. If your site looks great but isn’t designed with sales knowledge and techniques, then it is unlikely to achieve desirable results. For Example: Imagine you are trying to find someone to take on a date. You approach them with fancy words they don’t understand, hog the conversation bragging about yourself, don’t ask them a single question about themselves, and overload them with energy that doesn’t match their own. Do you think you will get the date? Odds are not great, even if you are the best dressed person in the room… Now imagine you are going to choose a place to find someone to ask on a date. What do you think is better? A street corner in the middle of nowhere, or a place where people who share your same interests hang out? Now to relate this example to your businesses website and advertisements.

Your business is looking for new clients for your services and products, this is your attempt to find a date. Your pitch on taking them on this date will do bad if your website: - Has words they don’t understand. - Is bragging about your business instead of telling the customer what’s in it for them. (i.e. “we’re industry leaders that have been around forever”) - Does not ask them questions or call them to action. - If the message does not match the assumptions they had from the way they found it. Now even if your site looks great and avoids all those pitfalls but you are advertising on the street corner instead of in places where people with similar interests hang out, odds are not in your businesses favor of finding a date. So stop wasting your time with web development agencies that aren’t the complete package, and let us take you on a date. Request your consultation now.

We have limited slots available for new clients so don’t miss out on your date!

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