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Are you looking for seasoned DevOps Engineers or Cloud architects with hands-on experience, Look no further! We have a team with strong and demonstrable experience in Cloud, DevOps and IT Infrastructure Services & Solutions. BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH US: - Successfully Completed 50+ DevOps projects recently - Built multiple CICD Workflows for services - SaaS apps, Android Mobileapps - Deployed 40+ microservices including golang apps, java apps, chatbots - Hands-on Experienced in IT Infrastructure, Cloud and DevOPs - Very well acquainted with global culture - working with multiple global clients - Provide up to 4 hours of overlap between India timezone and your timezone for effective sync ups Some of our Professional Certifications are: Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate CKA - Certified Kubernetes Administrator AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900 Azure Solutions Architect Expert PMI Certified PMP - Project Management Professional Recent Hands-on experience of our experts includes - designing and implementing Simple to Complex DevOps and Cloud solutions in - Technology Experience - ● Virtualisation /Containerisation - Kubernetes, Microservices, Dockers, KVM, Proxmox, CITRIX ● Cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP & GPU on CLOUD ● DevOps Tools – Terraform, Packer, Ansible, CI/CD - Jenkins, Groovy, github, docker hub, prometheus, grafana, velero, python, shell scripting etc. ● Web - Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, HA-Proxy ● Databases – MS-SQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, ScyllaDB ● Other DevOps tools stack- Cluster Autoscaler for kubernetes, KEDA auto scaling, MinIO-S3 compatible storage, spark-on-kubernetes, Argo Workflow, RMQ, MySQL STS, ● Middleware – RabbitMQ ● Platforms – Linux - CentoOS, Ubuntu, Debian, UNIX - HP Unix, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows - 2000/2003/2016/2019 Servers A) AWS for business critical applications. Implemented end to end solutions in AWS including VPC, EC2, EBS, S3, EFS, ELB, IAM, Autoscaling - ASG, Launch templates/Configuration, Cluster AutoScaler for kubernetes, security groups, security policies, AMI's, Snapshots, RDS with read replicas, memcached servers, Route53, NAT-Gateway, Cloudfront, Infrastructure as a Code - CloudFormation deployments, kenesis, RDS, Lambda, Cloudwatch, CloudTrail, AWS Config, GuardDuty, CI/CD pipelines etc. across multiple AZ's and Regions. Designed, Deployed and supported microservices solutions with DevOps tools stack including self-managed kubernetes in AWS, EKS, ECS, and Fargate clusters. Recently handled 50+ DevOps projects e.g. deployment of Self-managed kubernetes clusters in AWS, AWS-EKS & ECS kubernetes scalable clusters B) Azure - AKS deployment with GPU nodes & ML services C) GCP - GKS cluster deployment and configuration for various projects

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