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=================================================================== Pro Hac Vice - Connecting Legal Professionals, Expanding Jurisdictional Practices, and easing the demands you have that are not cost effective, like place-holding for online short appearances that just need re-calendaring. =================================================================== Your practice demands professional work that enhances your reputation. Why waste time with inexperienced research? Can you afford to have ordinary litigation support Of course not. With over 40 years as a solo litigator you can be sure of a well-seasoned colleague experienced in all kinds of cases. You will be well-pleased with engaging my services such as with the emergency cases. You can expect courteous and quick results and highest quality with the benefit of creative “outside the box” analysis. You can count on me to meet your most urgent, complex matters where time is of the essence in the following areas and case studies. ============================ Boolean Web Research and Analysis ============================ Boolean research technique is based upon the algebra of algorithms and will give you the quickest most pertinent results which are swiftly analyzed giving you answers at your fingertips when you need them. ============================ Consultant ============================ A wide range of experiences and over 40 years at the bar will ensure professional work with discretion and integrity. My practice was in Extraordinary Remedies including injunctions, writs and common law expertise available in addition to administrative or Roman Civil/Empire Law familiarity. As Special Counsel for The State Bar of California in search and seizure for three years you can be sure of criminal law being a part of my skills. Jury trials are a delight. ====================== Litigation Support ====================== From strategy to specific tactics beginning with client interviews, private investigators and deciding on legal courses of action to Jury Selection and defending against law fare you can be sure of a concerned consultant with your best interests and not their cut on your side. ======================================================================== Online: Appearances (work in progress and subject to terms of service approval from Upwork) ======================================================================== Blue Jeans, Zoom and Webinar savvy. Pro Hac Vice/Amicus Amicus support for lay and professional, support or opposition of Defendants and Plaintiffs, Petitioners and Respondents. For those who have a California matter or Federal Matters. For those few, International collaborations. My Commitment to You Count on me to provide first-class service, on time, every time. Check my work experience for more information about my background.

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International & Immigration Law

Networking licensed legal personnel for global litigation by host country certificated colleagues to supervise and allow certified legal professionals to serve global clients, personal and professional, in any suit or matter at law in any jurisdiction.


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