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We are a software development agency with a special focus on e-commerce development and helping compaines build their nft websites in the web3 space.


​​​​​​​​⭐​⭐​⭐​⭐​​⭐​ Top-Rated Talent What you get with us: ​​​​​🧠​A thought-out solution that solves the exact problem you had ​​​​​💥​Live updates and demos on our local server or in the cloud or your preferred medium ​​​​​💻​An app that you can easily maintain, add features, and scale if you have to ​​​​​🤝​An honest long-term partner for your business/venture ​​​​​💰​Value for your money At tecHive, we pride ourselves in guiding clients to make better decisions about their ideas and using this information to create software that will make the biggest impact on their businesses. This way, you can be sure of getting value for your money. A bang for your buck if you will​​​​​​👍​. We want you to avoid​​​​​​​🙅‍♂️​: - Making decisions off little or no research: Most businesses make decisions before surveying their options e.g. "We need a website because our competitors have a website." - Not assigning enough time to discuss the solution: A good deal of businesses don't give enough time to discuss what they want and whether the solution they want will work. Hence, they end up wasting a lot of resources and time on let's say a website when all they needed was a social media manager. How do we ensure that you get value for your money?​​​​​​​🤔 - We use strategy to find out what you want: We figure out the problem you're trying to solve by having a conversation with you about what you want, why you need it, and what kind of results you expect. - We use strategy to find out if the solution is the best one: We look at the solution you're suggesting. Is it right for your business will it deliver the results you want eg. more sales or more clients? Our Process​​​​​​​​​​​​​​📝​ You will work directly with one of our product engineers who will guide you from Discovery to Product Creation. The engineer will then liaise directly with the developers who will work on the project and make sure that everything is as you like it. It includes: - Discovery: We identify the problem that you are trying to solve e.g. are you trying to target a new market segment or are you trying to increase revenue from your current consumers? - Sitemap: Next we map out the user profiles, workflows, number of pages, and navigation for the website/app. - Wireframing: This step involves adding content to pages created previously. - Visual Design: The visual design will be created from the wireframe using tools such as Figma. - Product Creation: This final step will involve converting the design and workflows to code. We use TDD (Test-Driven Development) and will make sure that each unit and integration is tested as development is going on. Our array of skills includes: The MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) Solidity Flutter (dart) Jest and Cypress HTML5 and CSS including TailwindCSS and Bootstrap Meteor.js Next.js We are looking forward to working with you on amazing projects!

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Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency

We develop NFT websites💻​ and Smart Contracts​📜​ and are very experienced when it comes to handling Web3 projects. We have successfully built and launched blockchain projects on testnets and mainnets. We have also written smart contracts📜 on blockchains like Polygon and Ethereum.


Smart Contract Development
Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency
Ecommerce Development Consultation
Ecommerce Functionality
Blockchain Development

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