With 10+ years of experience in various spheres, I specialize in the following: *** Branding & Graphic design*** - Brand definition & positioning statement - Brand identity: name, tone of voice, visual identity design - logo design, color palette, typography ***Packaging design & Labels*** ***Illustration, Prints & Textile design*** ***3D design & Mock-ups*** - Product, Packaging, Interiors, Exhibitions ***Web & App design*** - Website graphic design - Website Development - Wire framing & Mockups -Mobile app development ***Product / Idea / Brand / Concept development*** - Conception, Ideation & Service Design I am open to hear your ideas/needs and help you through the whole process. When you contact me, please include specifications of the design you envision, estimated budget and time frame. I am a passionate to working with businesses and brands worldwide. Through my extensive experience working with leading companies, I really enjoy working with start-ups specially and help them achieve their goals from beginning to the top. I am a committed and dedicated individual who desires to help my clients succeed because design and branding have to be perfect in a competitive digital world. if you envision your project to be done professionally and held on a high regard, please contact me and I'll make it happen. My Favorite Software * Adobe Creative Cloud * Figma * Miro * Sketch * WordPress- Shopify - WIX If you have a project in mind and you’d like some help determining your next move.

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