My name is Krishna Dev and I have about two decades of work experience in accounting, FP&A, and investment research domain. I am leading Valorega Research & Analytics LLP (‘Valorega’) which offers end-to-end bookkeeping, accounting, and FP&A services as per the requirements of various customers from record to report, quote to order, order to cash, and procure to pay. We take care of every facet of financial accounting-related needs including bookkeeping, accounts payable management, accounts receivables management, bank reconciliations, inventory management, payroll, and management or financial reporting. Apart from financial accounting services we also provide business valuation, financial projections, budgeting, and variance analysis services. We provide these services to global clients, irrespective of their size, across the sectors. We are a team of Chartered Accountants, CFAs, FRMs, and post-graduates in accounting/finance having many years of experience in diverse areas. We are proficient in various accounting software including: - QuickBooks - Xero - Zoho - Wave - Tally Benefits of working with an accounting outsourcing firm like us compared to a freelancer: - Better quality: In Valorega, the work is done by a qualified Chartered Accountant (equivalent to a CPA in the US) or accounting post-graduates and then all deliverables are reviewed by a senior Chartered Accountant before sending to clients. However, if you hire a freelancer most of them will be plain accounting graduates and many do not even have appropriate educational qualifications. So working with us will significantly save you time, effort, and costs as you will not have to spend much time reviewing the work and getting the modifications done. - Business Continuity: If a freelancer stops working on your project or takes a long break then your work will be hampered, however, if you work with us we will provide a replacement resource so that your work does not suffer. - No flight risk: If freelancers get a better-paying project then they shift their focus on the new project due to which the existing client’s project suffers, however, it is not the case with us because client retention is quite important to us. We have a sufficient bench to take care of new projects. - Save time in training and better learning curve: If a freelancer leaves due to any reason then you again need to train a new freelancer which is a daunting task, however, you need to train our team only once and then internally we train and prepare another resource who can fill in if the person working on your project leaves. - Data security: We use a defence-in-depth approach to provide security at the physical, logical, and data levels. Please visit www dot valorega.com/home/ITSecurity to know more about our information security infrastructure and policies.

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