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Timberwolf Cyber is your one-stop shop for technology. From infrastructure planning to managed services, cybersecurity consulting and more, the continuity of your business operations are our number one mission.

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Network & System Administration

Managed Service Provider - Offering services from Help Desk, Systems Administration, AI-Driven EDR, Managed backup and Antivirus, infrastructure management, and more

Management Consulting & Analysis

Customer Service & Tech Support

Information Security & Compliance

Web Development


  1. Network Administration
  2. Microsoft Active Directory
  3. IT Management
  4. DHCP
  5. AWS CloudTrail
  6. Sophos Sophos UTM
  7. PCI DSS
  8. NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  9. Management Consulting
  10. Technology Management Solutions SIMS
  11. Server Virtualization
  12. Amazon EC2
  13. Server Administration
  14. Fortinet
  15. Microsoft Azure

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