As an experienced DevOps consultant, I am dedicated to developing and implementing efficient, reliable software solutions that adhere to client expectations. I possess extensive expertise in Kubernetes, with hands-on experience in taking projects from concept to production across diverse platforms, from bare-metal to cloud providers. I have successfully set up and maintained over 20 Kubernetes clusters for various clients, ensuring optimal resource allocation and utilization. I have a proven track record in implementing full CI/CD with Jenkins pipelines, streamlining deployment processes for over 15 development teams, and am passionate about automation, using tools like Ansible for seamless installations and deployments. My background includes managing and securing clusters, implementing robust Kubernetes configurations, and ensuring optimal resource allocation and utilization. In every project, I strive to deliver modular, maintainable, and scalable solutions that ensure client satisfaction and long-term success. Key Skills and Technologies: Containers: Docker, Kubernetes Languages: Go, Java, JS, Rust, Python Libraries and Frameworks: Spark, Kafka, Flask, Flink, Play! Framework Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Redis Tools and IDEs: sbt, maven, npm, git, IntelliJ IDEA, vim, PyCharm, Prometheus Cluster Management: Resource Allocation, Scalability, Security I recently led a team that reduced deployment time by 40% for a large-scale project, showcasing my ability to improve efficiency and deliver results. Currently, I am expanding my skillset by learning Rust and exploring the potential of hardcore functional and type-level programming. My experience with Go has enabled me to create elegant command-line applications and APIs for Kubernetes interaction. I am excited to discuss your development needs and demonstrate how my expertise can contribute to the success of your project.

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DevOps & Solution Architecture

ARTI Solutions managing hundreds of Kubernetes clusters with it is own in-house developed software. We are making DevOps adaptation painless and effective for our customers.

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