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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Raju and the team were excellent to work with. They were quick to understand our requirements, examine the code, and deliver what was necessary. Raju grasped our needs, and any changes required were completed well ahead of our expected timelines. We will continue to work with them, confident in their ability to deliver. 🟢 First of all, let me clarify something: this is not a sales pitch. I have no intention to convince you that I'm the best developer on Upwork, "never." My father always says that when you work with a client, don't view them solely as a client; they are also your family and friends. So, we will work together like family. I'm not sure about what I'm writing, but I'm expressing my feelings to build a bond between us. I know it sounds funny. 🟢 Here's what sets me apart from the crowd: ⭐Blanding ⭐ScribeAssist ⭐Satotips 👉 I'm deeply thankful to God for providing me with the incredible opportunity to work with these outstanding companies. We built a 🕹 streaming product for Satotips, a 🤝 medical product for ScribeAssist, and a 3D animated product for Blanding. 🤩 Let me share how I can help you to transform your vision into an actual PRODUCT. 🤟 My father always reminded me that when you gain a new client, don't just see them as a "client." They are your friends and family. We'll work collaboratively, maintaining full transparency. If something seems off, we'll tackle the issue together, with nothing hidden. 😉 Something pivotal to mention is that my team is like family to me. My father once told me, "You're not a boss; you're a leader." A boss merely gives orders, but a leader nurtures his or her team. A few days ago, a team member said something that genuinely moved me: "Raju, I work for your company not just because you care for every team member, but because I feel this company is as much mine as it is yours. Growing it is my ambition too." That day, I realized I had become a good leader. 👉 I can assist you with everything from web to app: ✅ HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Material Ui ✅ React.js, Redux, RxJS ✅ AngularJS 1.x to Angular 14.x ✅Next js ✅Node js, Express Js, MongoDB ✅ Hybrid Mobile App using Flutter ✅ AWS services ⭐ Core Competency ⭐: -React Developer -Angular Developer -Mern Stack Developer -Mean Stack Developer -Full Stack Developer -Web App Developer -Hybrid App Developer -Mobile App Developer -Cross-Platform App Developer -iOS Developer Android Developer -Flutter App Developer In the end, one thing I want to emphasize 📌 is that by writing this emotional story 📖, I don't want to manipulate you. "No." 🚫 When you are satisfied that Raju is someone you can trust 👥, then we can start the work because "You are not just my client; you are my family." ❤️ So, shoot me a message 💌. I'm here to help you. 👍

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