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Are you looking for a one stop shop for all things software? Well, look no further! We, at Climex have diverse experience in software, cloud and web technologies. We believe in engineering concise, secure and robust solutions using the best tools available with focus on automation. We provide services in: ✨ Website development ✨ Application development ✨ Enterprise software development ✨ Cloud & SaaS ✨ Blockchain and smart contracts Here are some of our key technical expertise: ✨ Languaes: ➡️ Go ➡️ Python ➡️ Typescript / Javascript ➡️ Bash ✨ Web Development: ➡️ Next.js, React, Node, Express, Redux ➡️ TailwindCSS, Material UI, Chakra UI ➡️ GraphQL, REST, gRPC, tRPC ➡️ Redis ✨ CI/CD: ➡️ GitHub Actions ➡️ AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild ➡️ Flux ✨ Infrastructure: ➡️ Kubernetes (EKS, GKE and AKS) ➡️ Terraform ➡️ Helm ➡️ AWS CDK ➡️ API Gateway, CloudFront, EC2, VPC, and more. ✨ Databases: ➡️ NoSQL: MongoDB, DynamoDB ➡️ SQL: MySQL, PostgresSQL ➡️ Planetscale

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