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Are you building a software product and aren't sure where to start? Did you hire developers but it feels like you are speaking a language that they don't understand? Are you frustrated by your dev team that's unable to deliver? or the quality isn't up-to-par? if you are an entrepreneur or startup that is ❌ Not sure where to start with your software development process ❌ Burning cash with nothing to show for, or your team seems to be building the wrong thing ❌ Building a product that you are ashamed of with quality, usability, or performance issues ❌ Not sure how to communicate your product requirements to a team to execute on ❌ Building a large or complex platform and your strategy is to hire a bunch of freelancers on upwork I’ve got something that’ll put an end to your misery, once and for all. It’s called “the 90-Day Tech Process" that will help you ✅ Identify the biggest bang for your buck features that solve the most urgent problems for your customer (MVP) ✅ Understand the cost, time, and resources required to build and operate your product ✅ Get the requirements documented in a way that your team can understand and execute on ✅ Identify the right technology stack and architecture to build your product to scale ✅ Identify process, tools, and accelerators that reduce time and cost while increasing quality ✅ Get a stable, usable, and constantly improving version of your product to your customers on a weekly basis ✅ Get access to funding opportunities with our network of VCs and private investors We've helped dozens of entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, and publicly traded companies in Healthcare, Wellness, IoT, Logistics, Travel, Gaming, and E-Commerce launch and scale their technology platforms in as little as 90 days 🚀 With the latest advances in technology and an abundance of tools and resources at your fingertips, it's never been easier to turn your idea into a reality. But what sets successful teams apart is the ability to move FAST, and hire EXPERTS instead of wasting time trying to learn on the job. Our secret sauce is the tried and tested method for turning an idea into a tech startup in 90 days. All you need is a solid concept, a top-notch marketing strategy, and you can count on us to do the rest. Don't take my word for it, see the recommendations and testimonials on my LinkedIn profile. Book a FREE discovery call today!

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Mobile Development
Web Development


React Native
Design Concept
UI/UX Prototyping
AWS CloudFront
Amazon Web Services
AWS Amplify
SaaS Development
AWS AppSync
NodeJS Framework

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