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Hello, 💼I write theses, dissertations, grants, and particular sections such as methodologies, literature reviews, and analyses of findings conduce to effective developments of evidence-based arguments in research projects. 🎯 The complex and dynamic landscape of academic writing can be a drag for most scholars. My expertise in scientific writing is a vital resource in navigating structured writing. This makes the identification of research gaps, recommendations, and opportunities for further research possible through a logical structure. My professional writing services cover the following domains. ✅Academic essays ✅Proposals ✅Grants ✅Dissertations ✅Theses ✅Reports ✅Case Studies 💼CREDENTIALS I have a three-year-experience in writing BA, MA and PhD proposals, grants, reports and dissertations in construction project management. 🎨 SKILLS ✔️Language Proficiency ✔️Adherence to scholarly conventions (APA, MLA, HARVARD, and Chicago). ✔️Appropriate topic selection ✔️Content organization ✔️Identification of relevant sources ✔️Critical analysis of sources ✔️Drawing interpretations ✔️Time management ✔️Communication 💡Why should you hire me? I. I offer flexible rates and I am willing to give discounts on fixed-price contracts. II. I can manage strict deadlines (3000-4500 Words in 24 hours) with an additional 6 hours for proofreading and editing. III. Quality.

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