1. Creating PHP + Laravel applications 2. MVP bootstrapping over 1 night 3. Create APIs for mobile and web applications 4. Integrate third-party APIs 5. Architect project components, databases, and integrations 6. Web-apps for IoT (backend, TCP servers, dashboards) 7. GPT based web-apps (or other AI) 8. Facial recognition technology, including my proprietary engine ↓ Stack: - Backend: PHP + Laravel - Frontend: SPA with VueJS or clear JavaScript - Markup: HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap, Vuetify, Tabler.io) - Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, Mongo, Redis, SQLite - Linux admin, Docker ↓ Specialties: - Classic web applications - Rendering large datasets with DataTables.net - IoT devices interfacing (GPS, sensors, etc) - Raspberry Pi development - Linux system administration - Web scraping tools - Utilizing OpenAI GPT prompts ↓ Portfolio Highlights: - 2022: ChatHunter.io - Target customer finder for messengers - 2021: Promobits - A large platform for marketing research in malls - 2019: Famed Telemedicine Platform for Organizations - 2018: FaceHunter - facial recognition and comparison module where I played the dual role of system architect and customer - 2017: "My Taxes" platform - A web and mobile solution for tax collection, now serving ~3 million daily users - 2016: OpenEventor - A platform for sports event organization. My own design from scratch - 2014: Questnik - City games and quests organizer ↓ My Developer Mantras: - Commit to project completion with excellence - Address the challenging aspects first - Pride in clean, robust code - Prioritize reliable software architecture over mere aesthetics - Champion popular, proven technologies for efficient development ↓ A Glimpse of Me: - Deep passion for programming and system architecture - Obsessive about details, even using emojis in utility scripts - An advocate for prolonged coding sprints (18-20 hours streaks) - A contributor to open-source projects with 500+ GitHub stars - A calm individual, blessed with a lovely wife and two energetic kids - A sports enthusiast who enjoys marathons and orienteering - Relocated to Cyprus in 2021, embracing a favorable climate for both life and work If you're looking for a developer who's both creatively invested and technically proficient, let's discuss your project. I guarantee commitment, expertise, and a dash of excitement!

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