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**Our Company** A newly organized company with the intent of providing our customers easily understandable BPO service offers. Our organization provides top quality, cost effective, accurate and timely out sourced data processing services Our paramount concern is to be able to process information with efficient turn-around time and accuracy We have dealt with various cases from simple projects to highly sensitive cases which require optimum results. ** Vision** With a common vision of contributing to the growing global need, providing quality services and accurate information system, it is our goal to increase our production as an institution and thereby actively participate in creating jobs. **Working Environment** Our priority is to create satisfied customers and long term business partnerships. We are an employee oriented company through promoting freedom and openness in our work. With it, our people have the right to opinionate, discuss, suggest and question. Our spirit is very strong, and we are not afraid of having fun. We take our work seriously through which we derive our productivity and quality services. Our workplace consists of highly skilled personnel with expertise in each type of IT-related work. We employ strict quality control measures in order to meet international quality standards. Our highly motivated people will bring the company to success. The company provides its employees with a better work place for them to feel that they are at home **Skills**** **Kingspoint Data Services understands that every data conversion project has its individual requirements and we offer adapted solutions. More than ever, since most data has been created over several years by various organizations and people, in its raw format, data does not lend itself to electronic searching and analysis. Our innovative approach to data conversion, combining the best of human skills with the up to date technology, ensures that you get a database system that is accurate, fast and easy to use. We have developed systems and tools that allow us to develop customized solutions for any project. We routinely draw upon this extensive and growing systems and tools to develop validations and/or editing, checking and encoding systems that are specific to the requirements of a particular project to ensure the highest data integrity and accuracy possible **Our Team** Our team of professionals has vast experience in harvesting data from papers and or images, has also vast experience in the areas of database creation, maintenance and updating and we can provide you the best service at affordable rates. Our rates suit every customers need and budget This team has an extensive combined experience in performing data conversion projects. Collectively, these projects have been delivered on schedules and to a quality that exceeds our customers' expectations. Our start up team and supervisory group are former employees of a data encoding company that has worked with various SPI projects including LIBRONIX, IEEE, YOAS, IAK, MEADJOB, and JSTOR REFERENCE We also worked with the European Patent Organization (EPO) project which consist of data capture and data entry of bibliographical patent numbers and data in different languages such as German, Danish, to name a few. We also worked with various Sencor projects such as, THORNDIKE, HDC, SBRC **Our Services**** ** **Data Entry** - Kingspoint Data Services provides exclusive and highly accurate data entry and processing services. Data entry services comprises of minimum of double - entry process wherein data is keyed twice to achieved at least 99.95 % accuracy Data encoding from image file in any format Strategic Data Entry into Software Program and application Copy, Paste, Editing, Sorting, Indexing Data in to any format. **Data Conversion** - Kingspoint Data Services offers data conversion from different file formats. With our technical expertise, we are almost certain to cater to any of your conversion requirements, be it in any format or file types **Scanning, OCR and Indexing** - Kingspoint Data Services does scanning with flatbed scanners, and if needed, we have associations with some specialized scanning companies to provide high resolution, faster scanning. Scanned images are stored and converted into any file format which is suitable to your needs and document management systems We capture data from Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with special software routines for your requirements. Again this data is edited and validated for the best accuracy We also provide data conversion and indexing services to suit your needs and requirements OCR data from scanned page Scan and OCR paper Book in to CD **Our Guiding Principles** To work and earn a living positively. To be patient and generous enough to share our treasured knowledge and countless little blessing to others who might need them. To create a healthy and harmonious working environment in the key of G (that is goodness), for everyone. **Our Production Guidelines** 1. Participate in mandatory training sessions at the start of each new project. 2. Follow written and verbal instructions of assigned personnel. Coding project experts, coordinators and supervisors. 3. Scan, read and /or proofread project documents and accurately enter designated information in accordance to established specification. 4. Keep abreast with new project conventions and decision changes through regular use of coding tools/materials. 5. Maintain project notes/manuals and make necessary revisions based upon oral and written updates. 6. Compare clear concise summaries of documents based on document required specifications. 7. Monitor personal production and accuracy level each day. 8. Request assistance and guidance from your project experts personnel when necessary. 10. Perform miscellaneous task as assigned. **Our Quality Assurance** As part of our commitment to quality, we employ strict quality assurance in order to ensure excellence in every project. Processed documents pass various stages of inspection, electronic files are verified, proofread and inspected by our specially trained quality personnel based on the project specifications and requirements. Finally documents are run on the electronic proofreading software for a more precise error detection and correction method.

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