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Work with a secure team: We are experienced with ✅ Certified Ethical Hacker ✅ Cyber Security Expert ✅Penetration Tester ✅ Digital Forensic ✅ Digital Marketer Accomplished in the realm of Cyber Security, I have earned recognition as the top Ethical Hacker on Upwork BD 🥇, holding certifications as a Certified Penetration Tester. With an impressive track record and over 🏆 5+ years of hands-on experience, I am your trusted partner in safeguarding digital landscapes. Hailing from Bangladesh, I am resolutely committed to the principles of Ethical Hacking, unwavering in my dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards. My approach to cybersecurity is rooted in integrity and a strong sense of responsibility. My expertise encompasses a wide array of areas, including malware removal and a skillful mastery of white hat hacking techniques. Leveraging a profound understanding of Cyber Security principles and practical insights, I am adept at fortifying digital assets against potential threats. By delving into the intricate methodologies of hackers and analyzing attack vectors, I excel in identifying vulnerabilities and prescribing precise security enhancements to bolster your infrastructure. My commitment to ethical practices is unshakable. As a penetration tester, I meticulously adhere to legal boundaries, ensuring strict compliance with the legal requisites of each country for every penetration testing project I undertake. Beyond Cyber Security, my capabilities extend to areas such as Facebook recovery, data recovery, email restoration, and even Digital Marketing. No matter the scope of your needs, my dedication lies in providing bespoke, exceptional solutions tailored to meet your distinct requirements. ✅Some hashtags: #ethicalhacker #hacker #ethicalhacker #ethical_hacker #PenetrationTester #cybersecurity #ethical #ethicalhacker #bangladesh #ethical-hacker #ethical-hackers #ethical-hackers-dhaka #ethical-hacker-dhaka #ethical-hackers-bangladesh #ethical-hacker-bangladesh #certified-ethical-hackers-bangladesh #certified-ethical-hacker-bangladesh #certified-ethical-hackers-dhaka #certified-ethical-hacker-dhaka #certified-ethical-hackers #ethical-hacking #white-hat-hackers #certified-ethical-hackers-bd #certified-ethical-hackers-bd-dhaka #hackers #hackers-world-wide #certified-ethical-hackers-bd-sylhet #certified-ethical-hackers-bd-habiganj #certified-ethical-hackers-bd-tulshipur #PenetrationTestingExpert #FBAccountRecovery #DataRescueSpecialist #FBRecovery #EmailRecovery #Ethical-Hacking-Jobs #Hire-the-best-Certified-Ethical-Hackers #DGTMarketer #DataRecoverySpecialist #DigitalProtection #OnlineSecurity #PenetrationTesting #ethical-hacker-madhabpur ✅Former member at Try Hack Me. ✅ Please contact me if you have any questions. Business Manager Mohammad Nazmul Haque

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Information Security & Compliance

We usually provide this type of service. These are Certified Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security Experts, Penetration testers, Digital forensics, and Digital marketers. Thanks CEO Genius


  1. LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Ethical Hacking
  4. Facebook
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Vulnerability Assessment
  7. Google Ads
  8. Facebook Advertising
  9. Cybersecurity Tool
  10. Bug Bounty
  11. Penetration Testing
  12. WhatsApp
  13. Instagram Ad Campaign
  14. Malware Removal
  15. Instagram
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