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This is just a place with unique ideas and tricks of the trade to help people enhance their productivity through the latest methods of new media. Pixelarts never compromises with quality hence providing standard services with creative art work driven by bizarre but effective and unique ideas. We offer a wide range of services with the major elements of the business like web sites to the basic requirements like motion graphics and photography. Pixelnet is the official web hosting section of Pixelarts dedicated to provide efficient and low cost hosting services to clients with 24 hour support. Pixelnet offers a wide range of hosting plans and packages to clients with different requirements. Pixeleye is another section of Pixelarts which has expertise in film making and special effects. Pixeleye is fully capable of producing appealing corporate videos, documentary films and fiction work. DATA ENTRY AND ANALYSIS Pixelarts team of statistical consultants who perform data analysis and apply statistical techniques to serve the medical, business, technology and education communities. We work with large, medium and small companies and sometimes individuals. We analyze statistical data from any source, texture or context. We offer a flexible data analysis service. As a guide most of our work is in the following areas. If your research or business requires help in any of the following areas then please do not hesitate to contact us for assessment. Data Entry Services We are proficient to bid a variety of services for data entry, from any format -- hand written originals, typed copy or scanned image, data collected through surveys, questionnaires, or any another nature of data. Double key verification, where data entry is literally done a second time by a different Data Entry Operator, is offered for extremely critical data. Data entry projects we perform are: • Warranty Cards • Membership Applications • Mailing List Development Services • Judgment/Liens/Bankruptcy Information • Background Information • Professional Certifications • VIN Capture and Validation • Vehicle Accident Reports (Crash Reports) • Law Enforcement Reports • Tax Related Services and many more. Data Analysis This forms the core of our service. We undertake general data analysis using appropriate statistical methods. We work with data of all types from small packets to processing large, complex data sets. Statistical Modeling We carry out exploratory and testing activities to investigate potential relationships between data variables. Surveys We are able to offer a range of services ranging from study planning, questionnaire design through the full administration of data collection and analysis to report production. Bringing Intelligence to Data Many research and businesses are data rich but information poor; they are overloaded, swamped, drowning with data. Pixelarts rather than seeing data as a problem, see it as a resource, a rich vein of information to be unlocked, an asset with value to be realized. You give us your data and we can meet your needs by applying our tools, knowledge and experience to release the meanings and value it contains. We convert data into intelligent information releasing inner meaning, value and truth.

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